24 hours retreat

24 hour retreat

With a 4-12 people top level team we take a deep dive into the required change, both in terms of team building and business and organisational renewal. By carefully setting the stage and directing a series of interventions, the cohesion within the team is reinforced and the understanding of the required change is deepened, for example to lay the foundation for a new management team or to clear up difficult issues.

No matter what stage a team is in, a basis of trust and safety is indispensable. Our team development programs focus on creating an atmosphere of trust and safety. Important in these sessions are dialogue and connection. Team members are challenged to share individual needs, questions and doubts. The team becomes stronger because it has knowledge of each other's ambitions, strengths and weaknesses in order to better achieve goals.

By alternating work on the team with working on important business issues, a balance is found between connection and innovation. The result is progress both in the collaboration and in the vision on what the company needs.

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