Corporate Trail with Eneco

One team, one voice

The Management Board and Management Team of Eneco came to us with the need to work on a stronger team. In co-creation with Eneco we found that only on the basis of trust and safety, away from the distraction of daily activities, there is room to grow to a High Performance Team. There is no better place than wilderness to seek a connection with each other in dialogue and reflection.

With the team we went on a wilderness trail to the Scottish Highlands for three days. With enough provisions, well-worn walking shoes and a tent, we followed the trail principles of The Foundation for Natural Leadership.

Through an 'I-we-it' approach, the team has been able to build on synergy, boundless cooperation and optimal stakeholder management.

- The first day we worked on personal leadership (I)

- The second day we worked on team leadership (We)

- The third day we worked on stakeholder leadership (It)

The result was that we created trust and safety in the team, that can now give constructive feedback to each other, are connected, clarifying responsibilities and speaking the same language about the common vision and objectives.

See the video for an impression of our corporate trail.

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