• Technische Unie

    Authentic and speaks the language that connects the business with head and heart - Jan Brouwer, CEO

    Technische Unie

  • Ahold Delhaize

    A unique opportunity, preparing our associates for the dynamic retail environment - Nicholas Brassey, SVP HR Ahold Delhaize

    Ahold Delhaize

  • RAI Amsterdam

    Out-of-the-box, always focused on results and dependable - Maurits van der Sluis, COO RAI Amsterdam

    RAI Amsterdam

  • NIBC


  • Stibbe

    Hands on, involved and they understand what is going on - Derk Lemstra, Managing Partner


  • PLUS retail

    De Transformatie Groep brought out the best in us - Jan Brouwer, CEO

    PLUS retail

  • Eneco

    A long lasting "boost" to the team spirit that you will never reach in the meeting room - Kees Jan Rameau, Board Member


  • NPM Capital

    DTG has created a stronger connection, both among our CEOs and with NPM Capital - Rutger Ruigrok, Managing Partner

    NPM Capital

  • Marsh


  • Clifford Chance

    Clifford Chance

  • HAK

    DTG knows our business and knows how to inspire us on a personal level - Timo Hoogeboom CEO


  • Deli Home

    Through the sessions, our team has entered a next phase of reinforced trust and safety - Jan-Willem Smit, CFO

    Deli Home

  • SVZ

    Worked with DTG on teambuilding in an inspiring way - Anouk ter Laak, Algemeen Directeur


  • WE

    DTG created a better energy and harmony within our Management Team in a very authentic way - Joris Aperghis, CEO


  • BBC


  • Nordian Capiltal

    Never experienced an advisor who gained the trust from our team so quickly - Joost Verbeek, Managing Partner

    Nordian Capiltal

  • Meander Medisch Centrum

    DTG combines empathic ability and EQ with experience, business insight and IQ. Their contribution is valuable - Frank de Reij, CEO

    Meander Medisch Centrum

  • Baker Mckenzie

    Baker Mckenzie

  • Zeeman


  • MN