Catalyst for connecting and renewing


Organisations need to renew now more than ever

Innovation, new organisational forms, new customers with new expectations, a new generation that challenges leaders to choose new solutions for a sustainable future. Leaders connect people in the organisation, they create unity in the top management team, they build commitment to the vision and mission of the organisation and connect with stakeholders. And they need to connect to themselves in this hectic, digital and changing society.


We guide the process of connecting and renewing

Connecting and renewing processes need to work together like the two sides of a zipper: renewing produces a vision on value creation while connecting produces more effective teams. 

We guide the process in three phases of transformation:
1. Creating a transformation platform 
2. Aligning the organisational energy 
3. Unlocking the organisational potential


We facilitate the transformation process using tried and tested interventions

Systems seldomly renew out of themselves. It normally requires an accelerator from the outside. A crisis, a new leader or a merger or acquisition can set change in motion from the outside. De Transformatie Groep was founded to act as an catalyst for transformation through connecting and renewing for organisations, teams and individuals.

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